Mensagem de obra ‘Reflexões Mediúnicas é traduzida para o Inglês

Presente na obra 'Reflexões Mediúnicas' (Editora Espiritizar), uma psicografia de Afro Stefanini II ditada por vários Espíritos, a mensagem 'Mediunidade sem Privilégios' foi, recentemente, traduzida para o Inglês. Confira abaixo:
Mediumship Without Privileges
Whatever may be the characteristic of a mediumistic ability, it must not constitute a privilege for the medium.
Any spiritual endeavor built upon the idea of privilege is flawed; this type of practice comes from past traditions when former civilizations attributed advantages to individuals who were in charge of conducting religious activities as spiritual leaders. The belief was that these persons were more valuable than other members of the community. This idea initiated the illusory process of accepting advantages that were bestowed to some over others in matters related to spiritual practices.
The establishment of faith through means of exotic rituals present in various cultures is an expression of how ancient civilizations related to faith. It is also a method employed to manipulate the opinions of many who adhered to these types of rituals throughout time, without even comprehending their meaning. They practiced them due to tradition and fear of the unknown.  
From there on, the privileges created around the mediums of antiquity were various. Many of these mediums were inclined to idolatry and power. They seduced the more gullible with revelations tainted by their own personal ideas.
The centuries passed and these mediums reincarnated many times. Some of them progressed and others stagnated within the Spiritist movement itself, still practicing the same principles of vanity and exhibiting the same symptoms of those privileges experienced in the past.  
While facing situations that ask for cooperation and service, these spiritually stagnated mediums avoid the performance of simple duties and prefer activities that will bring them more popularity or exalted status. Even as they engage in bizarre and exhibitionist behavior, they try to disguise their true intentions.
As in the past, the interest of mediums who have fallen prey to such advantages continues to be adulation. They forget that cooperation is an everlasting law, which will bring all of those who try to evade it to face situations that will cause them to realize that their self-importance isn’t as great as the necessity of the spiritual work they have been called to perform without any promise of privilege.
Mediumship is the faculty that gives the individual infinite possibilities of humbling itself before the wonders of the infinite. With it, one has the possibility of feeling clearly the emotional impressions from those Spirits who suffered for not having followed the Laws of God, as well as the impressions from those who are happy for having wholeheartedly followed these same Laws.
These impressions are alive and uplifting to the spiritual sensitivity of the medium and shouldn’t be categorized as mere communication phenomena with the other side. They are to be seen as glorious messages, indicating that the true state of the soul is that which demonstrates how to love is invaluable; to serve is essential, to cooperate is indispensable and to become humble is inarguably necessary to all of those who call themselves sincere mediums.  
Any behavior demonstrating that a medium embraces privilege must serve as a warning to those in greater proximity to the medium. They must advise the medium of the dangerous posture adopted, reminding it that God does not select chosen ones, but invites them so they can transform themselves into the chosen through their own efforts towards spiritual evolution. 
Jesus established the greatest venture of human history by inviting twelve individuals who lived without privileges of any sort and did not gain any privileges after their apostolate. Their only privilege was that of overseeing the triumph of Jesus’ message on Earth. 
 Those who are dedicating their lives, exemplifying through intense devotion and abnegation every second of every day will be able to expect without any doubt the victory of Christ over all human injustice.  
This consists of the happiness one enjoys in being a Christian and feeling the honor of behaving in that manner before a world that is still ruled by with competitiveness and adulation, such as was depicted in the past during the spectacles that took place in ancient Rome, which fell to the ravages of time.  
May the medium in any situation of being praised, neither accept exaltation as an intimate companion, nor embrace applause as a true friend. May it continue to work for the honor of being useful to the good of humanity while negating any illusion of acclamation, even if the external world continues to embrace the illusory notion that such exaltation is proper. 
The medium must focus its efforts in helping, consoling, clarifying, and suffering if necessary, in order to achieve the glory of truthfulness in its own conscience, even as the outside world may be condemning this posture. After every crucifixion by the hands of others, the healing hands of Jesus begins a continuous consoling motion, reminding us of His saying: “Come to me… and I will give you rest”. 
From the Book "Mediumistic Reflections" (Reflexões Mediúnicas) – By the Spirit Honório (Medium: Afro Stefanini II)