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  • Jesus in America

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    Throughout the American soil, the work of Christian education undoubtedly vivifies in the heart the responsibilities of the essential being. There is a reason as to why this territory served as home to thinkers who opened the doors to the foundation of the psychology that transcends the Spirit.

    Noble figures such as William James, Abraham Maslow, Rollo May, John Watson, are among other Spirits who came with the task in the area of knowledge. Some focused their work in spirituality, others only remained in the field of investigation in their scientific laboratories; nevertheless, their work also conformed with the work of past generations that made America the propeller of the progressive thought on planet Earth. Here, where the freedom of thought is practiced and displayed as a proposal to the whole world, the compromise to help all human beings in investigating their own "self" is also present.

    The soil is sown, the great material progress advanced and now that the human being has already conquered what the ego desired and that the fatigue of only paying attention to exterior things has taken over the house of emotions, the moment to know the true motive for so much material progress has come to America.

    In that sense, we see the return of many thinkers, philosophers, new politicians, men of science and ethics. They come back and work under the plans and support of Christ to disseminate the motto of freedom to all consciences. “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This motto will direct human beings to an abundant path of life because it is based in “the Truth that Frees.”

    We are all Spirits in collaboration with the wishes of Jesus. In order for us to remain faithful, let us connect to each other through the blessings of the heart, which knows how to comprehend, assist and make itself available to the true fraternity of Jesus’ thoughts.

    We are counting on courageous hearts that are willing to win other battles, but they are battles of the self, in a flux that the dynamo of the Spirit wants to overcome and dissolve selfishness, pride, and thoughts of defeat while at the same time achieving the true conquest which is to conquer itself. We will not be without the necessary support because Earth is governed by geniuses of goodness and by the great cosmic genius that is the Christ of all of us.

    Let us be sure that human beings will change their laws, customs and cultures as they gradually recognize themselves as Sons of the Supreme Creator of Love and as they begin to feel this truth every day of their lives.

    May Jesus bring us strength in His peace.


    (Message received by the medium Afro Stefanini II in a meeting of the Tri-State Spiritist Federation on 10/18/2015 in Danbury, CT, USA)

    *Message reviewed by spiritual author.
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