Mensagem ‘O Propósito do Projeto Espiritizar’ em Inglês

Versão em Inglês da mensagem 'O Propósito do Projeto Espiritizar', ditada pelo Espírito Honório. Clique aqui para conferir a versão original, em Português.
The Purpose of the Espiritizar Project
Although the Espiritizar Project was not created to reform nowadays institutions, its influence will play an important role in their transformation. 
The development of all institutions is necessary in order for them to acquire the moral importance that has been attributed to them in the Enlightening Project, designed by Christ for humankind. 
It is through institutions that are notably well oriented and structured upon the solid bases of a revived Christianism, that the Promised Consoler will have the strength to breach through matters related to pain and suffering that currently victimize today’s society, and are obviously caused by the devastating force of selfishness.   
In order to reform these institutions, a solid foundation must be utilized. A foundation that is appropriate and of such connotation, that it can elevate the human Spirit to its highest dimensions of thought, sentiment and conscience.
The Espiritizar Project seeks an opportunity to inform institutions about these important proposals of self-knowledge and immersion within the Gospel of Jesus. This immersion would be based on the practice of the Psychology of the Spirit, which offers to each interested individual the recourses to make oneself able to know the Gospel of Jesus under the light of a Psychology that transforms through the practice of virtues. Anyone person will be able to find in a reflexive view, the available recourses to a concrete application of these transformations in the Spiritist Movement. 
Henceforth, although our task is humble, it is of significant proportions.
It was with the authorization of the more savvy and benevolent spiritual realms that we were able to spread these concepts in other states and countries. In this sense, what characterizes our mission is an intense program of fraternity among the various peoples.
Firstly, the current religious views of other religious sects shall be enlightened and clarified by the Spiritist knowledge. This process will take place little by little and this knowledge will also be recognized by the efforts of innumerous workers that will come from several other fields of knowledge. Such workers won’t necessarily promptly know Spiritism, but will recognize its moral authority through the strength of its concepts and logic of its arguments. 
In that sense, we must be aware of the necessity of remaining firm and loyal to the proposition we have embraced, understanding that we should not base our work in the opinion of those who are still spiritually shortsighted, but in the strength of the moral transformation these concepts are already employing in the several lives of those who have absorbed these concepts for their own moral development.   
We are transients in a vast system of communication and knowledge. To believe that we have the sole responsibility and mission of transforming such system would be injustice in our part. We are only cooperators of Christ, workers of His domain.
However, when an oasis is found in the midst of a desert, one can perceive that although this oasis is not responsible for those traveling through the desert, it can be very useful by providing pure water for travelers so they can reach their final destination. 
In the same manner, the Espiritizar Project did not come to conclude anything that Spiritism has revealed. However, it is an oasis in the deserted and dried up hearts of those who have drifted away from the Divine Laws and don’t comprehend exactly what the function of the Spirit on Earth is.
For this reason, the Espiritizar Project’s content denotes a proposal of transformation and awareness of the immortal Spirit in all its facets and dimensions, which are becoming more profound as time passes.
Although it is necessary that we take on the responsibility entrusted to us, we must persevere with a feeling of gentleness and humbleness rather than one of obligation. We must carry on without the belief or mindset that we are required to convert Rome or Athens. Similar to the most intimate feeling of the Apostle of the gentiles, who made a very peculiar observation after having dealt with Athens’ scholars. In that moment he perceived that it was not his responsibility to convert anyone, but rather to show through his own examples and righteous choices in life, Christ’s heart to all of humankind. 
Knowing that his mission was of great importance to the world, he did not attempt to become an oppressor of consciences; on the contrary, he was, whenever possible, a liberator of all of them. He also liberated his own conscience and modified gradually and positively any former traits he might have had as in his previous position of Doctor of the Law of his own philosophical beliefs.   
Let us then, direct our efforts towards the construction of a fraternal group, which will steadily intensify its activities while laboring within the parameters presented to us by Jesus in the Spiritist Movement of Mato Grosso.
In this sense, we will strengthen our basis and become a reference so later on other institutions can emulate this affectionate archetype.
It is our duty to inform others through this path of exemplification. Only then we will be able to implement on Earth the educational precepts of the Espiritizar Project. 
Knowing of how indebted we still are before our own conscience, Christ has given us these responsibilities of grave importance as an opportunity of self-redemption. Let us not exalt ourselves in any way. On the contrary, let us help one another as humble individuals while enlightening ourselves as brothers and sisters. 
Amidst the collectiveness we encounter ourselves, Jesus must be our tenet, because with Him we will always maintain our strength.
Through all this, the presence of Jesus in our actions, words and feelings will cause us to feel clearly within our own hearts the voices that come directly from the skies.  
Much peace in your hearts my children!
(Message psychographed by the medium Afro Stefanini II on December 14, 2014)
Translated by Mauricio Filho